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With more than 3 million applications listed in the Apple App Store and Google Play, choosing a short,catchy and relevant app name is important to engage maximum audience. We created AI based NameMing tool to generate high quality App names.
We live in a digital world where our smart phones are our closest friends. Most People spend 4 to 5 hours daily on smartphones The first impression of your app everything to a new user. Choosing mobile app name is not so easy task. So, we developed NameMing App generator to make it easier for you.

How to choose App Name?

The first impression of the app means everything for first-time users. Always remember these three key points before choosing your App name.
1st Choose name which Reflect the core functionality of your app. 2nd Keep It Short and Memorable.
3rd Choose A Name That Is Searchable.

Brainstorm ideas

A fantastic top-notch app name attracts users, making it easier to find your mobile app in the App Store. Like Google Play Store,Ios Store,Amazon App Store hunt down for unique name Using our amazing App Names Generator.


Choose a unique App name. It helps separate your products and services from the competitor, makes you distinct from the crowd!


Select a short and descriptive name, that easily stands out in the mind and correlates with the specifics of your business.

Most online App name generators are prefix,random or dictionary words added to the keyword you enter, so you get generic or random-sounding App names and It's hard to find the right one.We uses AI to find short,catchy,trendy App name suitable for your business or company.


Just enter a one or more keyword in the search bar above and wait for high quality App names.

A good App name needs to be meaningful, attractive, unique and inspiring. It should contain attributes and associations which make up your App identity.

Your App name is the first thing your target public sees or hears. The name must be distinctive, authentic and memorable. Shorter names are usually more striking and easier to retain. Having an easy name to spell and speak will never be out of style.